Tools and Tips
for your next
Kitchen Remodel

When most of the people think about Remodeling their house, the first thing that pops into their minds is the Kitchen area.

It’s not surprising, the kitchen is considered by most the central area of the house, even more than the living room – we spend a lot of time there, we sit together as a family, and in a way, it represents us.

So, what do we have to consider when approaching a Kitchen remodeling? Here are some of the tips we gathered from years of experience in remodeling kitchens.

Kitchen Design:
Don’t judge a book by its cover

Kitchen remodeling is about making your kitchen look better, modernized, but most of all – Practical.

You’ll spend a lot of time going around your new kitchen island, to the fridge, back to the oven and so on. In kitchen renovation, there is a rule that you must not forget: The golden triangle.

The triangle refers to your fridge, sink and oven/microwave (varying on which one you use the most). Those are the 3 spots you walk to/from the most, and the triangle should be as small as you can make it. This rule has one goal – making your kitchen more practical than it is now, which is the true definition of Kitchen remodeling.

Hidden spots:
Storage, storage and some more Storage

We already agreed on making our kitchen practical, and what’s more efficient than storage places?

Other than the old cabinets we have, we can find a lot of modern storage solutions. Use your blind corners to set up pull out shelves or double sliding shelves. Instead of the traditional cabinets, choose open shelving for your daily used items, it will give your kitchen the spacious and renovated look you craved for.

Step by step:
How to choose your kitchen floor?

There are 4 main picks when it comes to kitchen floor: Linoleum, Porcelain, Hardwood, and Vinyl. The choice should be taken after considering all the pros and cons of each material, so let us help you with that:


A combination of wood feeling and unique color palettes, traditional material that is made from natural raw materials. On the other hand, Linoleum may get yellowish when exposed to sunlight, and sharp objects may cut the materials if not used carefully.

Porcelain Tiles

The most famous material all around the world comes with high durability and easy cleanup actions, with the combination of a wide range of sizes and textures, it is considered a solid choice. On the other hand, the porcelain is a bit pricey and has a cold feeling to the barefoot touch.


The hardwood will give your kitchen a traditional look, unlike the porcelain it will be a warm surface. Great choice for a house with children due to the gentleness on dropped dishware. On the other hand, hardwood is known for his lack of resistance from scratches and dents.


The vinyl comes in a few sorts – tiles, sheets and plank. It has a luxury look and a quick install procedure. It offers easy maintenance and can be adjusted to any style of design you choose. On the other hand, the vinyl won’t give you the authentic wood feeling, and although it has excellent durability, it isn’t impossible to damage the material.

Some Examples of Our Work