3 Crucial Tips
for your
Bathroom Remodeling

Exciting times!

Remodeling is a great journey if done correctly, especially if you intend to remodel your bathroom.

Unexpected funds, the need for a change, a glance of prestige – the matter may be different, but the purpose is the same – the WOW effect.

When approaching a bathroom to remodel, you should take into consideration a few crucial steps, that will help you and your family enjoy a practical, beautiful and admirable bathroom.
bathroom remodeling by riverock

Tip 1 - Plan Ahead

Planning should be the first step.

When you consider remodeling your bathroom, be sure you decide what will be your budget going forward, which areas you want to change, and does the pipe has to move or no plumber work is needed.

If it’s simple small bathroom remodeling or the whole bathroom remodeling, the size does not matter in this case, because every remodeling project has its own budget.

While building your budget, you should take in consideration 10% error gap, i.e., if you decide your budget will be 3000$, you should add an extra 300$ just to be safe.

Tip 2 - Keep the Bathroom up to date

One of the best advantages of the bathroom remodeling is the opportunity to spice things up a bit. LED lighting, hidden toilet tank, spa-like look, they are just a few examples of the wide variety the bathroom market has in stock.

Tip 3 - Choose the Contractor Wisely

The bathroom is a delicate part of the house. We are using it more than we think and spend a lot of time there. 

The first thought people get when choosing a contractor is the price he charges. Yes, the price has significant weight on the decision, but it shouldn’t be the only factor taking into consideration.

Research your contractor’s history view his formal works and remodels, especially bathroom remodels, ask him about his work method and his estimated times, will he be doing the job or external company.
And don’t forget to ask for recommendations, it will tell you precisely who you are dealing with.

The fourth and most crucial step of all – Have Fun! Take pictures, buy the supplies with your whole family and don’t forget to enjoy this little journey.

bathroom remodeling by riverock
bathroom remodeling by riverock
bathroom remodeling by riverock

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